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Asset Management

Fleet Bip helps you to track the information about the vehicle inventory, asset status, driver assignments and important dates etc. At the same time, you can also access the documents from any place.


Fleet Bip Inspections is entirely Smartphone based solution that aids you to both manage and track the inspections process and also to manage the reported defects by electronic means.

Fuel Management

Fleet Bip sends you the notifications automatically regarding the information about the entries logged at a particular location and tracking of the paper receipts is possible here.

Contact Management

Here, in Fleet Bip, the contacts are subjected to the work orders, service entries, fuel records and daily inspections etc. The contact management helps you to track the interaction process with your assets.

Parts & Inventory

Fleet Bip helps you to record the parts usage in order to improve the quality and the reorder option alerts to prevent the expedited shipping charges.

Purchase Orders

In Fleet Bip, the purchase orders are built in such a manner that it supports multiple warehouses and stockrooms. There is the possibility of the control of purchase order with the aid of available option.

Unlimited Users

Fleet Bip allows multiple users in order to view the data but there is no chance to create or edit the records. Permissions are available for the features of billing management and User management.

Work Orders

This feature allows you to track the work completed, parts used etc in an efficient and reliable manner. The Work orders can be provided to each and every individual including the vendor.

Issue Management

Here, Fleet Bip provides you all the ways to solve the issues as soon as possible. With the aid of management mobile app, the issues can be reported.

VIN Decoding

You can enter multiple VIN numbers and immediately return the valuable information about the vehicles to store and thus by saving a huge amount of time.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Fleet Bip sends you the notifications when the service is in due and thus maximizing the vehicle up time. The reminder option is also available for any kind of service item.

Service History

The working professionals can easily pull up the history details for any type of assigned vehicle in the Flip Bip mobile app.

Vehicle Assignments

Flip Bip helps you to schedule your vehicles and to have a view of both vehicles and drivers; whether they are booked or available at any time.

Real-time cost per mile

In this feature, you can automatically view all the fleet expenses and compare the vehicles by the tracking process in a real-time vehicle management system.


Fleet Bip helps you to go ahead with the vital factors of fleet metrics and also to print the sharing critical operations in an efficient manner.

Issue Resolution

Fleet Bip is an excellent app where one can keep the record of your expenses, where you can also return your expenses and can compare your cost.

Real-time data and driver scorecards

Fleet Bip software enhances the effectiveness of your safety program at each and every point. It includes the major factor of speeding against the posted speed limits.

Hardware- so many options

When it comes to mobile devices, laptops for the means of direct personal communication, you can go ahead with the Fleet Bip software which is more efficient and faster one.

Are you wasting fuel?

Fleet Bip software offers fuel card integration and thus allowing the fleet managers to manage the overall fuel card use, maximize the benefits and minimize the deceit.

Rapid Return on Investment

Fleet Bip software helps you to uncover the overall hidden costs for the potential factors of greater productivity and efficiency.

Built-in Telematics; Better data from day one

Fleet Bip software adds new assets each and every day to your account and also helps to drive down costs and improve safety right from the scratch.

Reduce driving violations

The software aids to validate the fleets, reduce the insurance premiums etc. In case if the vehicles are stolen they can be tracked easily.

Automatic alerts

The speed of the trucks should be always limited one and if the employees drive over the speed limit then automatic alerts will be sent.

Driver scheduling

The Fleet Bip software helps to assign vehicles and a list of inspections to the drivers. At the same time, the history details can also be tracked in a reliable manner.

Employee profiles

You can store your complete details which are related to the drivers other working professionals and the other transaction details.

Driver renewals

The Fleet Bip software sends notification alerts for the licenses, certifications and other renewals in order to full fill the desires.

Control access

The option of Fine-tune permission in the software gives only limited access to the drivers subjected to the relevant assets and the features.

Fuel card integration

You can connect your fuel cards in order to integrate with Fleet Bip and track the entire fleet’s fuel expenses without any manual work.

Telematics integration

You can connect your existing GPS hardware to Fleet Bip so that the Telematics data can be easily captured and managed in a flexible manner.

iPhone& Android apps

You can download either Android apps or iOS and start working from any location with Fleet Bip. It helps to perform the inspections without any complications.

API integration

The software’s Application Programming Interface enables to oscillate data from the other systems and thus enhancing the value and utility of the fleet’s data.

Safety & Compliance

Here the inspections are instinctive one and through the mobile app from any place helps you to provide 100 % safety and compliance on the road.

Trip tracking app

The Fleet Bip software automatically detects and records each and every trip through Fleet Bip and there is no any specific hardware to order and install.

Route Tracking

You can track the entire driving history details about the fleet and also can view where the active drivers are on a map at any time.


The Report lists all the details for each and every trip taken by the fleet such as trip duration, distance scores, driving event counts and maximum speed etc.

Geofence alerts

The Fleet Bip drive helps you to receive the instant notifications when the drivers enter or exit certain places.

Saved Places

The Fleet Bip software allows you to track the details of both driver arrivals and departures only at the important locations and consumer addresses.

Driver Behavior Management

The drivers who eventually share the vehicles are perfectly identified with the aid of Fleet Bip’s Driver ID NFC technology

Robust Engine Data Reporting

The main function of Fleet Bip software is to collect and respond to the common status data in the vehicle which includes engine RPM, engine hours, emission etc.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

You can track where the vehicles are in real time and the algorithms provide you the entire accurate trip information.

Open Data Integration

Fleet Bip’s open software development kit helps you to integrate the vehicle and location data into the concerned company’s operations.

Custom Mapping

You can design your own enterprise relevant maps which are mechanically integrated with the application’s vehicle data without any issues.

Track risky behavior

With the aid of sensors in the driver’s Smartphone Fleet Bip automatically tracks the dangerous activities such as phone usage and speeding.

Leader boards

The Leader board’s concept engages the drivers to reach rewards based safety program and the drivers can view their rank from their mobile app.

Save on insurance

Having a limited speed on your vehicle not only saves a life but also your insurance, where our Fleet Bip helps you to improve your driving behavior.

Stop Speeding

The GPS vehicle tracking solution helps you to both monitor and control over speed and thus saving the precious lives.

Map Replay

There is a series of latest and specialized GPS technologies are available and you can view the vehicle’s position at a particular GPS location.

Driver ID

The Driver’s ID system identifies the driver of each and every vehicle and also in reporting of the driver as well as by vehicle.

ELD Compliance

The ELD helps you to track the hours of service and ensure greater compliance and accuracy of the logs.

Part inventory Management

This feature helps you to manage the vendors, compare the costs, history details and comprehensive reporting etc. You can find your own unique ways to reduce the unused inventory.

Easy-to-use work order system

This feature helps to create estimates for the services, optional VMRS codes, quick access to the repair histories and decision-making power etc.

Manage costs related to accidents

This feature keeps track of the employee incidents; improve the safety throughout the fleet, the reports on accidents etc.

Integrate with other software

This feature offers a variety of factors such as direct integrations, exports, and the reports helps to bring in data and send data out etc.

Fleet Administration

This feature manages a fleet of services which includes driver management, vehicle-replacement policy management, and fuel card management etc.

Contract Management

This feature provides you an entire coverage of both lease contact and fleet contact together integrated into one place.

Tax Compliance

This feature offers a list of own rate tables, rules engine and also provides full coverage for the income tax accounting needs.


This feature includes the billing details and the entire information about the demanding fleet customers. The invoice formats can also be defined for each and every location.


This feature is actually driven by the real-time cash application data and with the aid of the dashboard driven approach, the collection data can be managed easily.

Bar-coding and handheld data

The Fleet Bip software contains the built-in bar coding capability standards and you can save your time inputting the inventory.

Asset & Equipment Reservations

You can create your own reservations and review the reservation history in a reliable manner. T the same time scheduling of recurring reservations and billing is also possible.

Vehicle & Equipment Management

This feature helps to display the service records and also display its related details for reference in future. At the same time, it also displays the equipment service records subjected to the asset.

Hosting Services

Fleet Bip provides the best protection to your software by keeping every data in a highly secured manner. It provides you a free back up, security, support and maintenance services.

Electronic logging

Fleet Bip is a huge platform to connect yourself with the world easily by our live chat and get your queries cleared within a minute or two.

Fuel card integration

Bip is Fleet which provides you a flexible way to save your fuel by monitoring the efficiency of your tool and manages other major brands and services.

PM Scheduling

Our Fleet management service maintains a proper reminder record for all preventive measures to help the clients.

Service reminders

The reminder service provides helps in such a way that it leaves a notification or alert message on their phone.

Issues reporting

Management is quick in action and renders an instant service in case of any emergency thus helps the needy.

Service entries

We practice Economic activity by providing services like document vehicle service, their expenses and maintaining receipts

Vendor overview

Fleet management renders vast services which include track record of the transaction process, disbursement process, and inquiries, for future use.

Repair tracking

Fleet gives an excellent service which works on real-time basis and takes only a minute or two to repair

Work orders

Get accessed with our amazing work records as it keeps a detailed track of the installations and repair process of the work.

Labor summary

Time management is a prominent factor which almost everyone lacks, but our management smartly maintains the mechanism of the workers.

Part usage

Fleet Bip app stores track the relevant details on the allocations of your service and manage the qualities of your work from any corner.

Inventory management

Fleet Bip also serves the crucial system of inventory management system to ensure the best result of the product.

Maintenance history

Fleet Bip app gives an option and manages the history record of your work from repair to routine services.

Invoice and receipt storage

Works get easier with Fleet Bip as it maintains and stores all the invoice receipts and images in a separate record.

Predictive maintenance

This service works well with Fleet Bip app as we keep preventive methods to overcome the issue in a right place.

Purchase orders

You can create your unique and approved details subjected to the work orders without any complications in your work.

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